We are finder and maker. We upcycle vintage glass that has been discarded and transform them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Let a table top flower adorn your homespace and workspace or let us design a custom piece for your home or garden.

Finding,collaborating and creating is what makes us happy


The creative process and working with his hands are second nature for John. A bicycle mechanic for many years, his acute eye for detail and craftsmanship skills are boundless. Creating beautiful works of art from vintage and found glass objects enable him to create and push his creativity to another level.


Robin has been a collector and grew an appreciation for thrifting from a young age when she attended estate and garage sales looking for the perfect treasure with       her bubbie.


"I am delighted to find vintage glass that people can connect to; a glass bowl that they grew up using at their dinner table, a candy dish they recognize from their grandparent’s house, or a familiar vase that held flowers. It’s amazing to be able to repurpose these glass pieces and turn them into a work of art that can be still be appreciated, but in a different way."

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